How to Plank

Hello everyone! I recently started the low impact workout program. I have suffered from knee complications my whole life so I only got to start properly exercising for the past three years off and on after getting medical insoles and going on a specialty diet.

The struggle I have is that I'm not really an avid active exerciser and this is my first time following a program. Planking has been HELL. I can't do it and I didn't even know there are so many types of planks! My whole body is shaking like a leaf with every time I attempt to do it with the videos. I know I'm just a beginner but I'm freaking out a little because it seems like this is supposed to be a standard exercise thing that everyone seems to know how to do. I'm unfit but I can't be THAT unfit.. It's really shaking my confidence.

Any advice for a beginner would be appreciated. Thank you!