Just Joined FB!!

I’ve been dealing with weight problems for a while now and I feel that it’s finally about time I get it together and start caring for myself. I had experienced weight loss before and have somehow managed to keep it down. I’ve lost about 35 lbs in the past and then reached a weight loss plateau when I found FitnessBlender. I loved their idea and mindset of fitness being affordable and efficient. After reading posts and comments of people including Florian P, Noor A, and Esther S just to name a few, I realized that the best place to come would be the community page. So, how do I go about breaking the plateau, and how do I do it whilst fasting (I’m supporting my Muslim friends this year)? Because the method that I used to lose weight previously does not work for me anymore (I did a no carb diet). Thank you so much for replying if you did, and I look forward to working out with FB full time now :)