complete beginner, where do I start?

Howdy y'all - being cooped up has made me bored so I thought I'd start trying to exercise again.

Before the sheltering at home I would occasionally try to exercise by running outside but that always fizzled out and I basically have no experience with other forms of exercise or fitness (never been to a gym, don't have home equipment, never done yoga). I was an office worker so I lived a pretty sedentary lifestyle.

Given that I'm now stuck at home with a lot of free time I really want to give exercising another go. My goal is general fitness - I want to have more energy and be more fit (and maybe lose a little bit of weight) but I would say that my main motivation for exercising would definitely be to enable me to live the other parts of my life better.

Where do I start? Would love to hear the advice of more experienced people.

Not sure if relevant: but I'm 30 female, average height and weight