which program to choose

i am 25 years old. i am from india. my body is slim type. i am 48 kg and 5.1 in height. I hav fat stored on my belly my thighs my arms my neck and my legs. i am looking for a program which will loss fat from all parts and tone my body up. i also want to gain weight upto 50 kg through muscle weight or something. please suggest me some progam which fits my fitness plan . since there are so many plans i m unable to select which would fit me. i need help . please. i am also not very active in exercise. but i can lift dumbbells of upto 5kg. and i dont hav any gym equipment n my home. i only hav dumbbells of 3kg and 5 kg. i can workout almost 5 days a week ..i hav faster metabolism. and i also want to hav the diet plan.