Need help choosing a program

Hi there!

I'm new here and I'm looking at the various programs and seriously wondering which to choose. I was thinking of taking advantage of the discount to try one of the 4 weeks program to start during the quarantine but I'm not sure which one is more appropriate between FB bodyweight round 2 or FB low impact. My main goal is to get back into shape, lose the extra weight and just getting back the habit of exercising daily. I was once a very active person but stopped sport and competitions after a knee injury + reconstruction surgery. Low impact is not mandatory for the knee BUT I live in an apartment and it tends to be more apartment friendly (Ideally I wouldn't be jumping right above my neighbor's living room for an hour each day...).

I was also wondering how much there is overlap between different programs in term of video content. I was thinking about following with the 8 weeks FB 30 when I start working at the office again but I wont if there is too much overlap with the other programs.

Hopefully you can help me find my way through all this :)