Help choosing workout program

I've been working out with FB off and on for 3ish years. I had purchased an 8 week plan for fat loss in 2014 and have been going back to favorites of those workouts as well as enjoying new ones. However I am at the point of wanting to get a fresh program going and I don't have the time to piece it together myself. I need help choosing. I am a middle aged guy who enjoys the strength training most. I recognize the need for Cardio/HiiT so not opposed to that, but the program shouldn't be mostly that. I don't really enjoy the Yoga/Pilates very much. My goals are to continue to eliminate the belly fat that plagues me (I don't have fat anywhere else, just in my belly), and just be overall healthy. I would like to start an intensive 30 - 60 day focus to melt away some fat. (summer is coming!) I am thinking about the FB Abs because a month focus on core seems nice, but I have no idea if the whole program suits me. If FB Mass has enough Hiit or other cardio then maybe I'd be interested in that. Again, my goal is fat loss, I am only 5 pounds over weight but have 2-3 inches to lose around the midsection. Any other thoughts would help.