PFT Alternative


Sharing in case anyone is looking to try something new 😊

I almost never feel like doing the PFT when it's scheduled (all those dang squats!), but yesterday I took it in order to mark the end of Q1 of my Year in Fitness Blender.

Instead of the regular test, I used this "Spell Your Name" workout that someone in a support group posted that's been around for a while. I used all 3 of my names to ensure that I got a full workout in (which equated to 6 minutes of wall sits and a ridiculous amount of burpees, push ups and jumping jacks). I wrote everything out, put some music on and got to work. It was challenging but quite fun! And I was done in about 23 minutes excluding a warm up and cool down.

Next time, I want to be able to do more full push ups, and/or reduce the time it takes me to complete it. We'll see how I do at the end of June.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!