Low Impact 2

Hello! I have just finished low impact 2 and I LOVED IT!! (please please please make a low impact 3!!!) Don't be fooled by the title of the program. Low impact was a very pleasant surprise and the perfect program to use after a long absence from exercise. The program has a lot of weight lifting options and I think the best part is the flexibility due to the modification options. When I started, I wasn't using any weights and when I finished, I was lifting with 4kg per hand on some of the exercises. This is great for all levels of fitness and you can choose the difficulty based on modifications.

Biggest changes

I see a nutritionist and I live in Italy so I have access to fresh food (even during coronavirus times) and I eat somewhat healthy (I love bread and I will never stop). The biggest physical changes I have seen are in my stomach area but I think it's reduced bloating. My butt and hips are smaller and I can fit into my favorite pair of jeans again and some of my pants are starting to get big but I have made changes to my diet AND started to exercise regularly so I can't contribute this solely to Low Impact 2.

I will say that I have started and abandoned many programs in the past and this is the first one I stuck with. The workouts were very fun and diverse. The weight lifting kept me motivated to continue. The average time for these workouts was about 30-35 min per day and they felt challenging and manageable. I will definitely be using this again. Thank you guys for making such an amazing program.