Daily Check-in: Wednesday, March 11th

Hello, hello my wonderful FB Fam! How is life going for you? As you contemplate that, let me state the obvious and announce that we are smack dab in the middle of the week. Hm, sounds like a line I've used before. In my defense, who doesn't love the word, smack dab? So we are smack dabbing this week with a Wednesday.

I'll also get us on the thistle side of life and smack dab you with another familiar plant. You've seen the leaves of of a Bull Thistle here before, so now let's check out the flower from this bad girl (or boy. Like Lynna says, it's 2020 and we can be whatever we want!). Bees and butterflies manage to delicately work around these sharp (dressed) flowers, but it's one that my FT Cu wants nothing to do with. Before you ask, he had to try it despite my warnings. Live and learn.

Okay, so let's head over to the workout section and talk about what's sweating and stretching with you guys. From the heart pounding to the resting on the soft stuff, how are you doing this exercise thing today? I had one of those throat tickles creeping up on me yesterday afternoon, and it has pretty much turned into a full blown cold. Kinda not what I need right now, because who needs a cold? Like, ever? ..Hah, oh well. I'm just dealing with it, staying hydrated and doing what I can ..If I feel up to it, I want to go with the next upper body split video: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/upper-body-split-workout-chest-and-triceps-mass-building-video

But no promises. I'll be asking my body for sure.

But let's here it for some food. I'm between zilch and nadda on my appetite, but I know I need to stay nourished. So its a good time for some soups, frozen fruits, and honey ginger teas. But don't let my cold get in the way of your food shares. Let us know how you are doing the eating thing today.

Alright, think I'm all done here for now. I hope you all are in store for a grand day just as I hope to feel better soon. Take care and do the Wednesday thing guys. And stay well!