Contemplating buying Abs 2...


Hi FB family,

I have been thinking about buying the Abs 2 programme for a while now but have a few questions/concerns holding me back from doing so... Core workouts are my least favourite, so I'm worried I'll dislike the programme and therefore have 'lost' the money on a programme I won't want to use - but I know my core is particularly weak and in need of attention haha. Probably a big part of why I don't enjoy core workouts is because I'm not very good at them. I have the feeling I might just have to suck it up a bit and do them more regularly to improve, hence why I'm considering buying a core-focused programme...

I don't know if I'd be better served buying a different programme (I'm also considering one of the rounds of Burn or Sweat) to have less focus on my core, but then my problem remains that my core muscles need to be worked, but I don't like these workouts so avoid them.

Blenders who are completing/have completed Abs 2, how have you found it? Are you now core converts who look forward to torturing the muscle group? Also how much focus is afforded to other muscle groups - will my upper/lower body muscles still be getting a look-in or is it predominantly core based (and so I should/could combine with another workout programme/supplement with my own chosen routines)?

I know this topic has been covered by many discussion boards before but I wanted to ask the question again!

Thank you friends!