Behind the Blender Accountability Group - Feb. 10 2020

Last Week:

I only completed two days last week. TWO! But, I absolutely crushed those two days. Both days were strength training and I was feeling great so I bumped my weights up enough to start struggling on the last few reps like Kelli and Daniel recommended. I was able to do it and keep good form, but oh man, the soreness afterward. It was so bad I contemplated sleeping on the sofa so I wouldn’t have to walk upstairs again, and I might have skipped washing my face or hair for a couple days because it hurt to reach up that high. It was a good, “I’ve accomplished something,” kind of soreness, but the recovery took days and sleeping comfortably was a serious challenge.

So the question is, how do you all know when to listen to your body? I felt strong and able while I was working out, but the soreness afterward told me I should have probably taken it a little easier. And any recommendations on a good bath salt (or make your own?) would be much appreciated too. The stuff I found in the back of our cabinet smelled like a hospital. 🤢


• Serious strength training and felt great.

• Soreness was unexpected compared to how I felt during the exercises.

• I’m seeing a pattern with soreness/stiffness and difficulty sleeping regardless of hydration and proper stretching.


• Reschedule to start fresh today, again. I seem to be doing that a lot.

• Start experimenting with other ways to reduce soreness for better sleep.

• This one is staying here until I achieve it! Finish an entire week with no breaks.


• I’m guessing soreness might be an issue again this week, but I’ll keep pushing through as long as it only soreness and not actually an injury.