Behind the Blender Accountability Group - Feb. 3 2020

Last Week:

Well, January was A LOT better than December, but I rescheduled my program a couple of times and a social event mid-week threw me off for days. So once again, I missed my personal goal of a full week with no breaks. Regardless, I'm really happy with my progress so far. I'm already seeing noticeable differences, especially with flexibility.


• Drinks on Wednesday night tanked my motivation and gave me some serious cravings for carbs and fat for days afterward, as well as completely messing with my sleep patterns.

• No more #workoutcompletes for the rest of the week. 🤦🏻‍♂️

• Finally got back on track with food and sleep by Sunday.


• Reschedule to start fresh today.

• Keep pushing the flexibility with extra stretches.

• Dare I shoot for a full week no breaks again? 😉


• No social events this week so back to clean eating and no alcohol. No blockers on the horizon.