Behind the Blender Accountability Group - Jan. 27 2020

Last Week:

You win some and lose some, right? I knocked out my first goal last week on day 1. We had some homemade whole wheat pita from a weekend meal so I tried our new Mediterranean-Inspired Salmon Pita Toast recipe (, with some modifications. I replaced the arugula with spinach and went the vegetarian route. Next time I probably won’t toast it as much because I really wanted to fold it and eat it like a taco. 🌮 I didn’t hit my goal of completing all my workouts though. Between soreness and feeling a bit exhausted, I missed my last workout of the week, and the extra credit. To be fair though, I did not take it easy. I pushed myself each workout and feel great about the week regardless.


• Completed 4 days

• Struggled with soreness

• Created several daily timers to remind myself to hydrate

• Great clean eating and portion control this week


• Let’s try this again: Complete an entire week with no breaks! 💪

• More evening stretching - What are your go to stretching routines?


• Nothing to keep me from my goals this week