Behind the Blender Accountability Group - Jan. 20 2020

Last Week:

Week 2 is behind us and even though I still took it easy, I did complete my goal from last week to finish week 1’s workouts and reset my calendar for today. The strength training aspect of the Low Impact program is kicking my butt and I will freely admit it, Kelli is literally stronger than I am right now. I’ve been using the same weight she does and I struggle to finish my reps. So to all you men out there who might say, “you work out like a girl!” Yes, yes I do. And I’m proud of it.

Also, I might need to upgrade to PowerBlocks. I'm getting a bunch of extra squats in every time I go to switch weights. 😮


• Completed week 1 workouts

• Doubled my workout completes from the previous week 😉

• Still struggled to get a good night’s sleep


• Complete an entire week with no breaks!

• Add in extra stretching in the evenings to try to improve sleep

• Try a new recipe from FB


• Nothing to keep me from my goals this week