Fun project - grow something 🌱

This tree is from an avocado I ate ~22 month ago. It’s so beautiful!

The time difference between these two pictures is only 9 months - they grow quickly.

If you have kids, a curious heart or mind, and or a love for growing things, I highly recommend starting your own tree. They’re fun to watch change, easy to grow & gorgeous.

Just take an avocado seed, peel the skin off (optional), stick a few toothpicks in it and submerge the bottom half in water (see pictures in comments). Now wait 🌱💚

There’s something calming about growing and taking care of plants. It’s borderline meditation for me when I’m really into it. Other times, I get depressed or busy and they sort of take a backseat. Usually Daniel becomes their lifeline then 😅 thanks D ❤️

Have you ever grown something from a seed you’ve eaten? Have you tried an avocado yet? If you have, send me pictures!!!

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