Weekend Check-in: February 1st

Good morning from New Mexico, Blenders! It’s a fresh new day, full of new possibilities! It’s also a new month! February is the time when I start getting really antsy for spring. I’m tired of being cold, I’m itching for warm sunshine, and ready to plant my garden. But since we’re still several weeks away from that, let’s just enjoy the season we’re in and make the most of it, eh?

Today’s nature pic is a roadrunner. It’s the state bird of New Mexico, and is really rather comical-looking, I think, especially when they run. They can run up to 15 mph, and they’d much rather run than fly. When they do fly, it’s for short distances and they tend to stay low to the ground. They like to eat snakes and lizards, and when they catch a snake they whack it on the ground to kill it first. I often have them perched on my back fence or running across my driveway. Funny little guys!

Okay, enough about roadrunners! Let’s get to workouts! What workouts are you tackling today? Or maybe you’re taking a much-needed rest day? Whatever you do, make sure to listen to your body and respect its boundaries. Whether that’s to push a little harder, go a little slowly, or stop altogether! Your body will thank you for it! My body is telling me to rest today. I may walk to the library, but that’s about it.

And what about some yummy food? We’ve got so many Blenders who love to bake and cook (or whose significant others do!); what’s being whipped up in your kitchen today? I’m thinking chicken noodle soup for dinner! I’m also going to experiment with Lisa’s labneh (yogurt cheese). It just sounds so good!


Well, Blenders, that’s enough from me. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday, and that you soak up all the newness this day has to offer! Your yesterday does not have to define your today! (I read that yesterday somewhere, and really needed to hear it. Maybe you do too? Today is NEW! Okay, really...signing off!)