Daily Check-in: Tuesday, January 28th

It's Tuesday, Blenders, so that means we are doing Tuesdayee things like possibly eating tacos. Because we could always use an excuse to eat tacos, right?^^ ..Hah, look at me, getting right into the food..Or maybe we can have one of those two for Tuesday photos highlighting the beautiful Red Maple. Clearly this is not a maybe since you are looking at the result of me obtaining close ups of Samaras (the two winged fruit/seeds of a red maple tree on the right) and separately, the male flowers (on the left). I might be a bit obsessed with these trees right now. It is just so pretty! So I wanted to transfer a little part of my pretty world to your eyes.. Then again, I'm kinda always sharing keyhole views of my world with you.. so I guess it's an ordinary Tuesday around these parts.

So give me your ordinary agenda of workouts on any level that you are tackling. Including rest! And remember to just have fun. Enjoy that burn. Enjoy feeling those muscles hard at work. Enjoy being breathless. Enjoy the stretches. Enjoy drowning in that feeling of accomplishment when you are done. Because if you are not enjoying the process, what's the point? Find the movement that you enjoy and do it.

My upper body is pleasantly sore from yesterday's new release (it's a good one!) so the movement I will be enjoying today is a low impact, easy on the knees resistance band video: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/glute-activation-workout-knee-friendly-butt-and-thigh-workout

Okay, I've seriously done used up my quota of "enjoy," for today, but we can really apply this to food as well. You don't have to dread healthy eating. Nutritious food can be "bleeped." There are so many healthy and tasty options out there to "bleep" so that real food not only tastes good, but has you feeling good too! What's better than that? So what food will you be "bleeping" today? I have some ground beef in the fridge so I'm going for something with that. And it will be "bleeped."

Alright. The day is waiting for us. ..Well, more like the day is actually going to move on with or without you, so I guess it's more like the day is tugging and pulling at us, and we better get a move on before we get left behind. Thanks so much for taking a time out to check-in. Now I hope you "bleep" the heck out of your day! And don't spend all your en to the joys in one place.