First FB Plus Healthy Recipe!

As you know, we love to receive feedback, suggestions, requests, and recommendations from the Fitness Blender family. We are always listening and always so appreciative of how engaged our Community is.

One of the things that we heard loudly and clearly as we developed FB Plus, for example, is that you would like to see more Healthy Recipes. Well, in today's blog, New Fitness Blender Healthy Recipes, we were pleased to let everyone know that we will be putting out two new recipes every week—on Tuesdays, we will release recipes for FB Plus members and on Thursdays, we will release recipes available to everyone.

Last week, we highlighted a great recipe for Mediterranean-Inspired Salmon Pita Toast—and today we are very proud to bring you our very first FB Plus recipe!

So, who’s up for a recipe for Veggie Lo Mein that rivals your favorite takeaway, only healthier and tastier?

If you answered yes, then today’s Healthy, Homemade Veggie Lo Mein mighty be just what the chef ordered.

The lo mein sauce is great as a ‘make ahead' condiment, which can also be used as a marinade (for chicken, salmon, veggies, or tofu) for a later stir fry. The Soba noodles (Japanese buckwheat noodles), are slightly thinner than your typical lo mein noodles, and packed with nutrient-dense fiber. The combination of veggies is simply super yummy.