HKS Accountability Group Jan. 8

Good morning!

We are entering a deep freeze in our fair city. I read somewhere that it's supposed to get down to about -45C (-40F and -40C are equivalent, if that helps my fam to the south).

Today's workouts were continuing along with Reach -

The first video felt like the reps lasted so long (especially the toe tap one - not the first ones, but when you're on your stomach and you go into back bow that lasts for an eternity and you're tapping your heels in twice before extending out again). Woof, that lasted so long! I was pleased that I made it during the 100's - I am not usually able to finish out a rep in level 2 but just as my core was about to give out, the rep was over anyways, so woohoo!

Must go make lunch for today, keep warm everyone!