Swapping the gym with FB


My name is Andrei and I am living in the UK :D

I have been struggling with going regularly to the gym for over 2 years now meaning that I went between 1 to 4 times a week and I rarely actually enjoyed doing it - don't take me wrong, I love sports and I've always been into something whether that was martial arts, hiking or just push ups in my bedroom.

I always fought with myself when it was the time to go to the gym forcing myself to do something that I didn't really wanted to. I felt that it took too much time, some times I even came out of the gym sadder that before, and the paradox was that if I didn't go to the gym, I felt a tremendous guilt. Which can lead to an aversion towards sports of any kind - thing that's quite dangerous regarding mental and general health.

After debating with a good friends of mine I realized that gym is just not one of my priorities at the moment. What I thought to be a lack of discipline is actually just me not thinking it's THAT important.

Just for the sake of context : I work full time night shifts, study part time at the university and I am enrolled into a 10 month software engineering bootcamp. My main goal is to get a programming job so that's what I'm focused on. When it comes to studying and work, I am very disciplined so I guess it's just a matter of priority.

After all this, I still don't want to neglect the physical side as I am doing a lot of work and study whist sitting down and I am prone to being lazy :D and decided I should give FB a serious try.

I am looking forward to know if you had similar experiences and share them if you'd like. I'm also open to making FB friends and talk about topics related to health and mental health!

TLDR: Gym is not a priority for me but I'd like to keep active with FB. Looking forward to make friends in the FB community.

Thank you for reading and hope you're all having a great start of the year!