Daily Check-in: Thursday, December 19th

Hello, hello! And a very happy Thursday to you all! Or at least I hope things are going along as happy as they can for you. This week needs a few speeding tickets or something; its been going by way too fast! Whether that's a good thing or bad thing, you decide.😂

Now, you've seen a vine this week. And you've seen berries. But you haven't seen a vine with berries! Covering the gounds of today's check-in is a close up on the orangey orbs of a Sarsaparilla vine. It's one of several different species of Smilax that are native in Florida. A lot of the smilax (commonly called Greenbrier or Catbrier) I encounter here have thorns and fruit that is black to purple in color; whereas this one pictured is thornless and has clusters of bright orange to red berries.

And no, ShabNam, we can't eat these berries either 😉 ..They are for the wildlife, but they sure are pretty to look at, no?

Also for your pro tip of the day: Never go walking in the woods with shorts. If you didn't know where a thorny smilax was, you soon will and they will have you coming out of the woods looking like a house cat used your legs as a scratch pad.

Moving on from all of that imagery, let's talk about workouts! How's that looking today? Or maybe you are due for some needed rest? I feel like working the upper body, so this is what I'll be all about later on this morning: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/tank-top-arms-workout-best-upper-body-workout-for-toned-arms-shoulders-and-upper-back


Okay, now the food is calling and we must answer with everything delicious and nutritious. Maybe something new or tried and true. Quite simply: What's for dinner? I have some turkey to use up. Whether that gets used up in a soup or sandwiches is still up for debate.

And just throwing it out there, but is anyone interested in doing this upcoming weekend check-in? Or rather I'm offering up the weekend check-in position to someone else. At least until Kim is back.

..I know, I know. Hardly a week in to doing this full time and I'm already cutting back, lol. If nobody wants to, that's cool. I can still do it, but I figured I'd offer now just in case someone really wants to do it or give their check-in skills a shot! Not that you need a particular skill set to do this. But if you are interested, let me know if you just want the one weekend or many weekends. Lynna had a great idea of check-in guest hosts; plus I can't always drown you guys with all my Florida sunshine. It's intoxitcating, I know! :P

Alright, now let's jump back to the day at hand. Christmas is less than a week away and it has nothing to do with telling you all; wishing you all to have an absolutely wonderful day. And if you can't make today wonderful, there's always tomorrow to try and try again. Thanks as always for each and every one of you bringing your unique flare to the check-in. Now go show Friday Eve some of that flare that's 100% you!