Workout Complete + Consistency through holidays


Good morning FB Family!

Before we could overthink it this morning (we were both feeling a bit lazy), we headed straight out for a walk with Loki. It’ll be his last walk for a while; early tomorrow morning our sweet pooch goes in for a tplo surgery. It’s going to be a rough month or two in our household but we’ll get through. Loki’s worth it ❤️

After our walk, I did day one of our 30 minute challenges (mixed in high & low impact) and Daniel practiced a upper body strength routine. Now for the shower, lunch in a bit and then back to work!

We’ve been busy filming for YouTube but we start filming for FB Plus Exclusives next week and I can’t wait!! 2020 is so much closer than it feels, so much good stuff coming up 😊

Heads up; today is the very last day of our big sale!

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Are you guys working out today? Are you full of energy or feeling sluggish after the holidays?

Are you ready to work to stay consistent over the often challenging holiday season? This is a time when a lot of people hit pause on healthy habits, which is really too bad. You can definitely fully enjoy the holidays and still make smart, enjoyable choices for your health. 

I recommend balance, and not overthinking. Keep up your workouts. If you workout a little less, fine; anything is better than nothing at all. Enjoy your food. Remember that just because it’s a holiday month, your body doesn’t need good nutrition less now than it does any other time of the year. Don’t punish yourself or talk down about any food choices. Treat yourself, and nourish yourself; they aren't mutually exclusive. Do your best to keep moving, and make the majority of your food choices ones that make your body feel good, and cared for.

If you have anything that helps you stay consistent this time of year, I’d love to hear about it - you never know who might be reading & who might benefit from your words!