Daily Check-in: Friday, November 15th

Happy Friday (or Saturday) Blenders!

Yay for Friday!! It's good to have made it through another week, and hopefully have a fun-filled (and/or relaxing) weekend ahead of us!

What does your weekend have in store for you, Blenders? Anything you're really lookin forward to?

I'm happy about the weekend, but today is also the opening of deer season here. Which means, this weekend will probably be crazy with people going hunting. I'd like to say it doesn't bother me, but the fact is, some hunters seem to lose all common sense when deer season rolls around. Add in guns to that mix, and, well, not a very fun time. So I'll be watchin for trespassers, and hopefully we won't have anybody shooting from the road--while still in their vehicle!-- right in front my house again this year. Otherwise, I'm gonna be more than a little upset. Also, Furry Trainers gotta wear their blaze orange all day every day for the next couple of weeks. Not that they mind--they seem to like their clothing lol.

Anywho, this just means we'll have to damper our outdoor adventures for a little bit.

That doesn't mean I won't have any random bird/wildlife/landscape photos for ya tho! Like this handsome fellow right here! This red-bellied woodpecker was really enjoying the suet block we put out for him, and he was doing a marvelous job of balancing on it even in the super windy conditions yesterday. All while looking fabulous too. You go, red-bellied woodpecker, you go!

Speaking of balancing in not-so-prime conditions, it's time to discuss our workouts--so we can work on being as graceful as a red-bellied woodpecker! (Right? That's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of balance and grace? Woodpeckers, naturally!)

What does your day look like for workouts, Blenders? Or perhaps it's a rest day for you?

If you've been joining along with me for the Option 3 Challenge/continuation of the Throwback Challenge, then we've got our last day today! And it's a fun one! Here's the workouts:

Day 5 (45 Minutes):

Easy Warm Up Cardio Workout (5 Minutes): https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/easy-warm-up-cardio-workout

Fitness Blender Total Body Barre Workout - 39 Minute Barre Workout Video: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/fitness-blender-total-body-barre-workout-39-minute-barre-workout-video

Fair warning: this one is surprisingly difficult, and a really really good burnout! (Of course, it also works on your balance, so you can be just like that guy up there.⬆️ #goals)

And I wanna thank you for joining in on another week of workouts with me! It's always a great time when we get to workout together--so thank you! You guys really are awesome, and the thought that you're somewhere in the world doing a similar workout at some point during the day, makes me push aside any of the "I don't wanna's" I may have, and really enjoy earning that #workoutcomplete instead! So truly: thank you Fellow Blenders! I don't think I tell you enough how much I appreciate each and every one of you--and how much I enjoy 'talking' to you every day! You guys amaze, motivate, inspire, and support without end--and for that I cannot say thank you enough! But I will try: thank you, thank you, thank you!

And before I go, we gotta hit a bit on some #eatrealfood! What's on the menu for today Blenders?

I'm thinkin it's a great day for some soup! Perhaps an easy egg drop soup with added veggies! Sounds good to me!

Ok FB Fam, I will stop my rambling now!

Remember you get to check-in with the ever-so-fantastic Raven this weekend, so I'll catch you all again on Monday!

Have a great day, a great weekend, and take care of yourselves Blenders!

Now go out there, and show the world what ya got today!