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Fitness Blender Total Body Barre Workout - 39 Minute Barre Workout Video

39 Min • Total Body, Lower Body
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    • Training Type Barre, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell, No Equipment
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    This is Fitness Blender’s take on Barre workouts; a hybrid of Pilates, ballet inspired sculpting moves, and even a bit of yoga.

    Barre workouts are a great way to get the long lean look that is typically associated with a Pilates guru or dancer’s body. For this Fitness Blender workout, you wont need the tutu or the ballet barre; you can do this one with items that you have around the house.

    In this particular Barre workout video, you will also see some signature Fitness Blender moves, like the slow pulses at the point in a range of motion that burns the muscles the most. We love to hate those burning pulses – we know you do too, right?

    I had a lot of fun designing and filming this workout and judging from my incredibly sore muscles the next day (seriously, you will be walking funny), I can tell that this workout is effective at targeting muscles that may otherwise go unscathed by more traditional toning routines. Specifically, my glutes and thighs were especially sore in a way that felt noticeably different than the soreness I get from my regular routines.

    Let me know what you guys think about this one – I have a feeling that you will really like it, and if you do, I would be happy to design more like it.

    This Barre workout video has 2 rounds; I recommend that you try it just one round through on the first attempt, particularly if you are a beginner or intermediate exerciser.

    For this routine you will need:
    A countertop, or tall table or chair
    An Exercise Matt (optional)
    Light Weights (optional)

    About this Workout:
    14 Exercises
    Varying Reps & Time Challenges
    2 Rounds

    39 Minutes Total
    Dumbbells Optional

    Muscles Targeted; All of them. We start off with Barre lower body exercises, move onto upper body exercise, and finish up with some core work.

    This workout does not have a warm up, but it does include a cool down and stretch. Five to ten minutes of light bodyweight cardio will be sufficient to get the muscles warmed up and ready to work.

    Exercises in this Routine
    14 Lunge Tuck + Lifts (on each side)

    10 Deep Plie Squats

    50 Seconds Calf Raise Pulses

    50 Seconds Barre Reverse Leg Lifts (each side)

    1 Minute Heel Squat Pulses

    1 Minute Inside & Outside Thigh Sweeps (alternating)

    30 Seconds Ventral V Raises + Shallow Plie Squat Pulses

    40 Seconds Kneeling Bent Rear Leg Raise Pulses (each side)

    50 Second Tricep Kickback Pulses + Lunge (each side)

    50 Seconds Bicep Curl Pulses + Ski Squat Hold

    1 Minute Reverse Fly Pulses

    1 Minute Static Reclined Arm Raises

    1 Minute Toe Taps

    1 Minute Flutter Kicks

    Cool Down and Stretch
    5 Shallow Squats + Full Body Stretch
    30 Seconds each Side:
    Hip Flexor Forward Lunge
    Standing Quadriceps Stretch
    Forward Leaning Hamstring Stretch

    How many calories does Barre burn?
    Our estimate of Barre calories burned – doing this particular Fitness Blender Barre workout video - comes in around 7 to 12 calories per minute. That might seem hard to believe considering that it is largely based off of such low impact training methods, but all it takes to believe those figures is one round through the routine above.