Fitness Blender Total Body Barre Workout - 39 Minute Barre Workout Video


Calorie burn:

273 to 444





Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell, No Equipment

Workout type:

Barre, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

This is Fitness Blender’s take on Barre workouts; a hybrid of Pilates, ballet inspired sculpting moves, and even a bit of yoga.

Barre workouts are a great way to get the long lean look that is typically associated with a Pilates guru or dancer’s body. For this Fitness Blender workout, you wont need the tutu or the ballet barre; you can do this one with items that you have around the house.

In this particular Barre workout video, you will also see some signature Fitness Blender moves, like the slow pulses at the point in a range of motion that burns the muscles the most. We love to hate those burning pulses – we know you do too, right?

I had a lot of fun designing and filming this workout and judging from my incredibly sore muscles the next day (seriously, you will be walking funny), I can tell that this workout is effective at targeting muscles that may otherwise go unscathed by more traditional toning routines. Specifically, my glutes and thighs were especially sore in a way that felt noticeably different than the soreness I get from my regular routines.

Let me know what you guys think about this one – I have a feeling that you will really like it, and if you do, I would be happy to design more like it.

This Barre workout video has 2 rounds; I recommend that you try it just one round through on the first attempt, particularly if you are a beginner or intermediate exerciser.

For this routine you will need:
A countertop, or tall table or chair
An Exercise Matt (optional)
Light Weights (optional)

About this Workout:
14 Exercises
Varying Reps & Time Challenges
2 Rounds

39 Minutes Total
Dumbbells Optional

Muscles Targeted; All of them. We start off with Barre lower body exercises, move onto upper body exercise, and finish up with some core work.

This workout does not have a warm up, but it does include a cool down and stretch. Five to ten minutes of light bodyweight cardio will be sufficient to get the muscles warmed up and ready to work.

Exercises in this Routine
14 Lunge Tuck + Lifts (on each side)

10 Deep Plie Squats

50 Seconds Calf Raise Pulses

50 Seconds Barre Reverse Leg Lifts (each side)

1 Minute Heel Squat Pulses

1 Minute Inside & Outside Thigh Sweeps (alternating)

30 Seconds Ventral V Raises + Shallow Plie Squat Pulses

40 Seconds Kneeling Bent Rear Leg Raise Pulses (each side)

50 Second Tricep Kickback Pulses + Lunge (each side)

50 Seconds Bicep Curl Pulses + Ski Squat Hold

1 Minute Reverse Fly Pulses

1 Minute Static Reclined Arm Raises

1 Minute Toe Taps

1 Minute Flutter Kicks

Cool Down and Stretch
5 Shallow Squats + Full Body Stretch
30 Seconds each Side:
Hip Flexor Forward Lunge
Standing Quadriceps Stretch
Forward Leaning Hamstring Stretch

How many calories does Barre burn?
Our estimate of Barre calories burned – doing this particular Fitness Blender Barre workout video - comes in around 7 to 12 calories per minute. That might seem hard to believe considering that it is largely based off of such low impact training methods, but all it takes to believe those figures is one round through the routine above.


Tara Chantal

04/19/15 10:43pm

Great workout for the day after an epic 1,000 burn:-)

chloe fear

04/12/15 1:28pm

wow the heel squat pulses KILLED!!!


04/05/15 7:20am

Did this yesterday, loved it!


04/02/15 6:40pm

This is my favorite workout! More please!!!!


03/28/15 11:15am

Great workout! MORE of these Please!


03/28/15 7:09am

I just came back from a 2-week Vacation -this Workout (One of my Favorites) is definitely hard and i will be realy sore tomorrow. But it feals Great and i am Looking foreward to more bare Videos,
Greatings from Germany


03/25/15 10:42am

This workout is fun and AWESOME, my legs and core and actually whole body were screaming for mercy. I thought it would be easy, how wrong was I! Anyway, it's a nice break from HIIT, more routines like this would be great!
Love from France ;-)


03/22/15 2:59pm

I love this workout and I am so sore! More of these long barre workouts or even some cardio barre would be great!


03/17/15 7:36am

Those flutter kicks are brutal! I have no core strength, so I can't lower my legs very far at all, more like a walking motion while on my back, and still my abs are screaming.


03/03/15 1:48am

I love this work out! My legs and core muscles were on fire, I just felt it working. Such a nice break from hiit and cardio I usually do. More routines like this pretty please!


03/02/15 12:46pm

Of course, I was thinking, yah, a no sweat no huffing puffing work out that burns calories :) and here i am, swearing and sweating, panting! Love it!


02/26/15 9:01pm

Thank you! I loved this workout! Some of the exercises about killed me, so it was enough to love to hate it! It was an awesome workout but so serene. Thanks for the quiet, stillness, and no music of your workouts. I love that.


01/23/15 7:51pm

I did this one thinking it would be good for an easy day. Wrong!!! I love it! Please do more of these:) Great workout!


01/22/15 2:48pm

At first glance, this workout looked like it might be real easy and calming. My shaking muscles say otherwise! It was a great change from my HIIT and strength workouts this week. I loved the subtle challenge and surprising pain! Great workout :)


01/14/15 5:37pm

i love this workout!

i used to do ballet and still take classes when i can, so it was fun for me to modify some of the barre exercises to line up with my ballet training positioning and training - e.g. i did a round of 2nd position pliés/releves going through port de bras for the plie squats, and for the first "lunge tuck & lifts" i did developes or moving carefully from attitude devant thru to arabesque. love!


01/12/15 12:25pm

Great workout! I love throwing this in the mix with cardio - great change-up. Agreeing with the other commenters - I would love another full-length barre workout!


12/29/14 4:26pm

Great workout! It was my first time doing this one and i feel like I could have worked harder at it. Still, my polar HRM says I burned 315 calories so that's fine with me!


12/26/14 1:19pm

AWESOME!! More Barre workouts, please! I'm a dance coach at a high school, and these workouts are perfect for my team to do together!


12/22/14 6:24am

I love this workout, but sadly, when I used a heart rate monitor I found that I only burned 120 calories. Wish I did burn what the site says!


12/06/14 2:58pm

I need these workout offline any suggestion how to download plzzzzz


12/04/14 9:45am

I would love to see more ballet or dance based workouts! I love HIT, strength training, Pilates and Yoga workouts but there is something about ballet and dance workouts that get muscles I never knew I had. Plus they are great when I need a break from high impact workouts and still need a good burn.


11/28/14 5:21am

One Question:
For example the "Plie Quat Pulses" for 60 seconds.
After 30 seconds my muscles just gave out and said: nope, pause!
So is it better to do 1. the exercise with the perfect form like Kelly and make the whole time with breaks
or 2. with "straither" legs and the whole time?
That's just an example, the question holds for every pulsing/hold them-exercise.


11/20/14 12:34pm

I absolutely love this workout. Please make more full length barre workouts! They are the best for recovering from HIIT. I don't have a large selection of dumbbells and it's difficult to get a high calorie burn with a low impact workout without them - barre is the solution I've been looking for.

I'd love to have one where Kelly talks through it though - it motivates me to hear that I'm not the only one struggling (as bad as that may sound!).


10/15/14 7:04am

I love this barre workout! It's great for days when I just can't drag myself through HIIT or I need some rest from the high-impact, but still want a really effective workout that has me sweating by the end. It's also great because, while I'm years past my ballet days, I've recently taken up aerial acrobatic dance and the practice at slow, controlled, graceful high range-of-motion is great. You should absolutely design more like it!


10/09/14 11:59pm

This was a lot more challenging than I initially thought it would be, but in a good way. I would love to see more of these!


10/06/14 6:31am

love, love, loooove this workout! i do it on days where i'm not feeling like doing cardio... and it still burns a whole lot of calories! :O besides, it lets me feel great afterwards, even though my muscles are aching! keep up the great work :)


09/20/14 5:16am

Wow, this was great! My legs were shaking through most of it though. Would love to see more Barre workouts.


09/11/14 2:41pm

Agree with the others...would love another full length barre workout!


09/01/14 9:17am

Great workout! Loved it it was a nice break from HIIT while still getting a really good sweat in. My legs will be dying tomorrow


08/24/14 12:21pm

I would love more barre workouts like this! It's perfect if I'm not feeling up to a HITT workout but still want to get a good burn :)

landon's mama2013

08/18/14 7:02pm

This was awesome! More barre workouts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


08/12/14 7:15am

Loved this workout! I could feel my legs burning, but the exercises were so smooth and enjoyable that it was worth it.


08/08/14 6:54am

please more barre 30-40 min workouts!


06/29/14 9:15am

I love this workout. I try to do it every Tuesday. For some reason that is my hardest day of the week and it really just relaxes me. Thanks keep the workouts coming!!!!!!!


06/22/14 6:25am

Love it!!!!! More Barre workouts!!!!


05/21/14 7:34pm

my favorite workout here yet! more like this one PLEASE!


05/11/14 12:13pm

I'd love more like this one! Great workout.


05/09/14 6:19pm

Thank you for this! I would really love to see more Barre workouts for the whole body!


05/07/14 2:25pm

YEZSSSS i DID IT i completed my first ever fitnessblender workout in its entirety. I bought the four wk plan and I could not do the recommended workout for today day 3 so i needed a sub quiet and almost painless (so I thought). I work as a nanny and I am wife mom and full time IT student at nights. After work I am off to school therefore needed to get some workout in. I actually completed it but my l eggs are shaking my body feels defeated and I salty from sweat. I feel GREAT GREAT GREAT. More standing quiet workouts especially Barre. LOVE IT I know I might be saying otherwise tomorrow. You guys are a blessing. Can you guys do something for people who had a few shoulder dislocations please? I need to strengthen my shoulder to prevent another dislocation which will send me to surgery. God bless you guys keep on keeping on. First workout videos I am excited about and workout program. I have tried too many to list including machines I bought for home use. My husband is saying thank you as well.


05/03/14 2:32am

Wow! I would like more of these type of workouts! I was sweating like crazy, and I wasn't even jumping around! And, I discovered my range of motion needs work! Love it!


05/01/14 9:54pm

love it. more please.


05/01/14 2:21pm

This workout is amazingly effective. I did it for the first time three days ago. The day after I was sore, the day after that even more sore then today am inspired to do it again. I also noticed my posture improved for a few days as well. Would love to see more of these! Thank You


04/26/14 3:45am

I love this workout, I use it as part of my strength training for my Marathon Training. Thank you.


04/23/14 9:57am

I like it, this was my first experience with barre. It was different, but seems very effective. I still can't do flutter kicks though, I have to do one leg at a time as fast as I can, I'm working up to it, I'll get there eventually.


04/03/14 4:04pm

This was a crazy good workout! Every time I thought it was going to get easier, it surprised me!


04/01/14 11:05am

I have been working out with FB for the past year and have loved the results. LOVE you guys! And I will tell anyone who listens how great you are. This barre is a favorite of mine and wish you would make more like it. It wakes up muscles I didn't know I had! And its perfect for days that I am just not up to full blown hiit routine. Keep up the great work - FB is fantastic!


03/15/14 6:06pm

Wow-Wee! Great workout, One of my favs!


03/14/14 9:18pm

Thanks for the plie's. My inner thighs really burned!


03/13/14 10:52am

Great workout! Wow! Legs were shaking, burning but felt amazing. Will definitely be doing again!


02/27/14 12:25am

I've been doing the 4 week program i finally got to #10 last day of my 2nd week when i read how difficult it may be i got cold feet and thought about it throughout my friday i was dreading this workout thinking how hard and how i wasnt gonna be able to do it what so ever... it was more the anticipation of the hurt and feeling of being inadequate that made me fret. Soooo i didnt work out Friday Monday or Tuesday cause im and organized freak and have to do stuff in order or i cant go on today is Wednesday and i just finished this i wasnt as bad as i thought these last week i have gained alot of musle and agility and I DID IT!! but for future reference in any other program dont put down that i will be super hard word it differently please lol i about died of anticipation of this....I love what you are doing its wonderful to have a program that i feel the strength and want to keep on going... ive never exercised consistly like the program has made me want to stick with it and im so honored to have both of you and your work in my life thank you sooooo much soon i will have so much to thank you for!!!!


10/25/13 5:00am

I really like this work out. I used to do ballet so I like the "dance like" exercises.


09/30/13 9:02am

i love this workout!!! are there some other effective workout without jumping around???? need some alternation.
btw: i'm sweating... :)


09/09/13 3:14pm

Hey!! This workoout ROCKS!!! How many days a week can you do this? Would this be considered a strength training day? I would LOVE to see some HIIT workouts for people with lower back issues. It is hard for me to do all the high impact exercises with a bad disc L5, but I want the HIIT benefits! HELP!!:D Any recommendations?


08/01/13 9:49am

I LOVE this workout, my very favorite so far! Thank you very much!


07/30/13 6:09pm

Amazing workout! More barre workouts with 30+ minutes please!!!


07/27/13 5:19am

Thank you Daniel and Kelli for this one! its amazing and deceptively challenging! keep it up xx


07/15/13 4:35pm

This was simply awesome! Love your website-thank you!


06/28/13 2:30pm

I love it! However, I may not walk well tomorrow!
Thanks and please make more barre workouts like this one.


06/22/13 12:44am

More more barres like this please :-)


06/11/13 10:40pm

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please add some more barre workout!!!


06/03/13 11:11am

I am drenched in sweat!


04/23/13 3:42pm

LOVE it! could you please do more barre workouts? :) and a barre workout with some cardio intervals would be awesome!


04/15/13 6:20am

I learned that the soccer team in my school is doing barre exercises and I saw one of your vids in youtube and tried it to see what it's all about. Wow! This is one hell of a workout! For an 18 yr old guy who goes to the gym thrice a week, my legs were shaking madly after the session haha

PS My calves hurts lol, but it feels great! Thanks guys!


04/14/13 11:15am

I love this workout, I've had on and off knee/ankle injuries from running and these Barre workouts are great. Thanks so much.


02/14/13 12:26pm

This was a great workout to do on my HIIT day off! I was surprised at the amount I was sweating even though this was not a cardio type of exercise.


01/29/13 8:41pm

This was tough, but great! I love the fact that it's challenging but low-impact (my knees are greatful!). More videos like this would be fantastic :)


01/13/13 2:32am

Brilliant! Felt very proud completing the whole thing :)


12/08/12 9:22am

WOW, love to hate is right! Please more of this Barre type exercise routines.


10/23/12 8:55am

Great workout! 40 min is perfect. Then you can still combine with one of the short HIIT workouts. Maybe on floor balance could be included if you do more of these? Hope you do! Thanks a bunch!


09/11/12 1:30pm

Loved the workout! I couldn't manage the flutter kicks, but will keep working to get there. Yes, please more workouts like this one. Thanks.


09/06/12 4:15pm

I ABSOLUTELY loved this workout!! I just finished the video and my legs feel like jello! I hope to see more workouts like this one :)


09/04/12 5:46am

Hi, Congratulations on giving us the great exercises.
I can not somehow download these videos of late- I am interested in the Barre workout.
.I have downloaded some fitness blender videos earlier with no difficulty at all.

ariaana finn

08/28/12 11:55am

Great workout! Especially when you're looking for intense but low impact workout. Plus I love these kind of Pilates-Yoga-Ballet-strength workouts. More please! =)


08/28/12 9:15am

This was a great workout! I love this website. It has really gotten me out of my bored work out rut. Thanks so much!


08/22/12 10:10pm

FANTASTIC workout! I really enjoyed focusing on the precision of the movements -- and the length was perfectly paced. I am sweating like crazy! (I posted this review in the afterglow of finishing the workout, as opposed to tomorrow, when I am cursing it.)


08/21/12 12:10pm

I just did this workout and absolutely love it and would love to see more like this. I also love the countdown timer. Thanks!


08/20/12 7:14pm

Ouch! Love to hate it!


08/20/12 5:55pm

kelli, i didnt know that you are now answering questions on your fb account, coz i dont have one lol.


08/20/12 5:54pm

hello kelli, i never knew barre workout until yesterday courtesy of a yahoo article. then i watched a barre workout video here in youtube, the one with a british instructor. and i though it was a great and very girly workout. so glad you made one, now i have a dilemna, coz i havent started with strength training yet. can i do strength training and barre workout at the same time? can you make more barre workout videos???


08/20/12 4:54pm

I did it and I love it!! My legs were shaking but it felt so good! :)
I have a question: which is better? Running everyday, or doing cardio (HIIT) workout 3x a week and doing strengthen training in the other days (plus 1 day for rest) if I want to toning my body and I want to improve my physical condition?
Thank you for making videos!! Working out is so much enjoyable with You!
Love from Hungary: Réka


03/10/14 12:25pm

Also, just as important as it is to push yourself to build muscle, it is just as important to listen to your body and rest. And many other runners have different opinions than mine...Some are purists and believe running everyday is the only way. I say mix it up, but be careful.


03/10/14 12:23pm

I am an avid runner and would suggest doing a mixture of running and HIIT, plus low impact exercises that focus on stretching along with gentle toning, like pilates and yoga. It also depends on what kind of running you are doing. Running the same pace and the same distance everyday won't yield much improvement in strength or speed. But if you really push the pace with tempo, fartlek, hills or interval runs, you can really build some muscle and speed/endurance. Try running moderate to easy every-other-day, with some yoga or pilates, then doing HIIT in between. Happy running!


01/25/14 3:15pm

If you just run you're not going to build any muscles.


08/20/12 12:20pm

I can't wait to try this one in a few days! I was wondering, along with the calories burned with the routine, if you could be the residual calorie burn as well? Or post a formula for how to calculate it? Thanks!

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