Can the Bodyweight program be easily made low-impact?


Hey folks,

I'm a little over a week out from a lengthy homestay out of the country. I'm not worrying excessively about maintaining a strict exercise regimen and plan to play it by ear once I'm there; I'm not sure yet how much walking will be naturally built into my day, for example. As a backup, though, it would feel good to have a program in my back pocket that I could do without any equipment and without being a nuisance to my host family.

Anyone who's done the Bodyweight program: could it be pretty easily modified to eliminate jumping and other noisy activity? Better yet, has anyone actually tried going through the whole program in that way? Thoughts, suggestions? I've done the Low Impact program a few times and do love it, but can't imagine I'd enjoy it much with no weights since the emphasis on lifting is what got me hooked. Although, if anyone has advice on doing a similar program with resistance bands only, that could be feasible!

If it doesn't seem like any of the set programs will give me what I'm looking for, I know I can just add some ideal workouts to my favs and do them piecemeal like that, but having the structured programs has been so key to keeping me on track that it would definitely be my preference to have one.

Thanks in advance!