i cant lose weight


hello ther , i am 34 mom of 2 son . i used to workout and diet every time i gain weigh , i am 164 cm and 74kg i have been working out now for mor than month i doing mostly HIIT workout and watching my dite and still i scale myself every week and there is now change even i measure my body thinking maybe iam losing measures not kgs and also no change in almost 2 month i lose 300 grams and 2 cm , its upset me i used to cry every week when i found no change in scale , i work 5 days a aweek doing HIIT i also hurt my knee muselse and still push my self to complet work out i do kickboxing also all this and now result !!!!!! i checked my thyroid and its good vitamin D little low and i get bills now , but realy what should i do to lose at least 5 kgs