I just finished the Throwback Challenge, so I got me #ThrowbackChallengeComplete! I didn't really know what to do for a pic, but I coincidently wore these cute socks for today and I've had them for years so I guess it counts? The socks say, "adorbs," which isn't the right word to describe the challenge, but who am I to challenge what the socks say?😂

In anyway, I started this thread so for anybody who took part or plans to take part in the challenge, can post their victory pics or something to say to celebrate the completion of the challenege! ..So if you made it, congrats! You all rock and it was really fun doing this along side you, FB Fam! So what did you think about the chaellnge? What ended up being your favorite or least favorite day? We had a mix of kickboxing, pilates, cardio and strength this week. And lots of ab work! The older videos sure are harder in a way so it was pretty cool to do a weeks worth of these throwback videos!

Thanks so much again to Kim for putting together the schedules to vote on and hosting the challenge. And a thank you to Jacqueline, Lea, Sari, and Anne for recommending the videos for this week. What a great combo it ended up being! And thank you all that have, had and will be participating!

Didn't get around to finishing? Don't worry; there is no time limit to this! You can finish up this weekend, next week or whenever. Take it at your own pace. The finish line is always waiting for you!

And did you really really like the format of this challenge? Maybe you want to do the other lineups that Kim put together? See the other throwback schedules here:


^ Just scroll down to the first comments and you will see the other options that didn't win the vote! I'm almost tempted myself to try another one!

..Okay, I'm off to go do my Friday. Good luck to those still doing the challenge! Feel free to post your celebrations and thoughts about it here!