Daily Check-in: Monday, October 28th--It's time to plan another Community Challenge: "FB Throwback"-style!

Hello Blenders!

How're we doin today?

How was your weekend?

If you celebrate it, did you do some fun Halloween-related activities?

We did! Got some pumpkins carved, ate some delicious pumpkin goodies, and just had had fun with it!

And like always, we did some adventuring in the great outdoors with the Furry Trainers as well! So, I got another Fall leaf photo for you today! There's not a whole lot of trees with leaves still on them, but we were lucky enough to find this pretty little spot back in the woods.

Alright, so I'm gonna blitz through the next portion of our check-in, as we've got a new Community Challenge to vote on!

But first: for today! Is it a workout day, or rest day for you?

Workout day here! I'm gonna do my favorite lower body workout: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/hiit-cardio-and-butt-and-thigh-workout-hiit-and-strength

And how about some good food goin on today? What's on the menu Blenders?

I have no idea! haha. Something with chicken, and that's about as fare as I've gotten!


Now it's time to discuss our next Community Challenge! The theme of this one is "FB Throwback" and it consists of videos at least 4+ years old. I've come up with three different schedules which I will post in the comments section below.⬇️ How this works, is you take a peek at each Option, and hit the "Like" button on whichever one suits your fancy. And the Option with the most "likes" by tomorrow's check-in will be our winning schedule!

I'm thinking we will start our FB Throwback Challenge on or around next Monday, November 4th. (As always though, if this date does not work for you, you can do the challenge earlier or later than that--basically whenever it works for you!)

Ok, so I will get into more detail on how the Community Challenges work in tomorrow's check-in---but for today: it's all about the schedules! So take a look at each Option below, and see what works for you! (And just a note: nothing is set in stone. Each schedule can be modified/changed to suit you better. We will also have several days before the 'official' start of the Challenge, so we can alter the winning schedule as necessary in that timeframe!)

Alright FB Fam, that's about it from me today! Go ahead and vote away and we'll get the ball rollin on our next Community Challenge!

(And if you have any questions/comments/concerns, please speak up! This is all about you guys, so don't hesitate to ask or comment with any and all things!)

Ok Blenders, let the voting begin!

I hope you all have a lovely day, and thanks so much for checking in with me!

Take care, and enjoy your day!