Too much leg work!?


In the past whenever I have started (have yet to finish) a FB programme and only when I am doing them in consecutive days do I really notice, most of the videos are very leg-based. Does anyone else feel like even when it isn't a leg day (say abs or arms focused) the majority of the workout moves involve using the legs extensively? I find it so much so that it's difficult being dedicated following the schedule and doing everything scheduled, in order, every day. My legs are just too weak and tired to do the work asked of them for say working abs or doing a HIIT and it's hard to maintain form. I wish there was sometimes a greater variety of moves. Too many deadlifts, squats, etc. I find myself upping the pace of many moves, customizing them, replacing with my own moves I know from working out over the years that I feel will isolate certain muscles better, or all of the above.

I am on Day 10 of SweatFest and while I AM sweating, my legs just are too sore and tired from the last three days (not being able to recover properly) to, for example, hold myself up doing side plank kicks. The jumping motions are all squat based.

I love their videos which is why I am still here but wondering if anyone else shares the same feeling?