Today is a very special day for me because today, I finished the first round of FB burn. Honestly, I always started other workout programs, but never finished them. Today, I fell proud of myself. I have been struggling with weight issues since I was 10 years old. About three years ago, I reached my highest at 220 pounds. I felt horrible about myself, did not take pictures, hated when my husband hugged me because he could feel my super extra fatty muscles all over, and I only left my house to attend school. From March to May 2017, I managed to lose 5 pounds by starving myself. Then, around mid-Jun, Fitness blender was a suggestion from youtube while I was searching for hard HIIT workout. Weighing 215 pounds, in July 2017, I started my weight loss journey with Fitness Blender. I completed the 5-day workout challenge to burn fat and built lean muscle and continued exercising with Kelly and Daniel completing 30 to 40 min workout sessions like three to four days a week. By October 2017, I was weighing 188.9 pounds and I accomplished the above weight by not starving myself, which was very common to me. I used to eat a lot one day and almost nothing for the following three to four days. Anyway, the 2017 holiday season arrived and my house was full of people almost every day. I stopped working out, but I am super proud to say that I did not gain a pound over the holiday season. I just continued eating healthy and did not listen to my family members comments every time I said no to something I knew I did not suppose to eat. I must say that when someone is following a healthier diet, in my family, it is very common to suffer bullying for not eating unhealthy food. In November 2017, I made the best investment of my life, I bought FB burn round one. I started the program on 1/1/2018, still weighing 188.4 pounds and doubts I was going to complete it. I just finished the last workout of the program. I was hoping to lose 10 pounds with this program, but I only lost 5.1 pounds. However, today, weighing 183.3 pounds, I feel stronger, happier, sexier, leaner and I do not hide from cameras and my husband anymore. I LOVE WHEN MY HUSBAND AND PEOPLE LOOK AT ME, NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE, AND MAKE GOOD COMMENTS. IT MAKES ME SUPER HAPPY! FITNESS BLENDER, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR NOT ONLY SAVING MY LIFE BUT ALSO MY MARRIAGE. I currently do not have a before and after pics but on Feb 05, 2018, I will start FB burn round two and I'll make sure to have before and after pictures. AGAIN, KELLY AND DANIEL THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING TONS OF FREE WORKOUT VIDEOS AND MAKING AMAZING WORKOUT PROGRAMS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. I HONESTLY WISH, I FOUND YOU GUYS EARLIER IN MY LIFE.