FB Strong complete + non-scale victory + thoughts on HIIT after Strong

I completed FB Strong on Friday last week and I just wanted to share something I am very proud of. When I started the program 5 weeks earlier, I could do 1 full push-up. Now that I am finished, I can do 13! Full! I am stoked and feel so strong!

Another thing, I scheduled the 5 day workout challenge to burn fat & build lead muscle for this week and was a little nervous about the HIIT since, as most of you know, the main workouts in FB Strong are strength training workouts with the exception of very few, short HIIT workouts. I have done the workouts in the 5 day challenges multiple times before, and here is the strange part - they did not feel nearly as tough as they use to! And I have done FB Fit round 1 two times prior to FB Strong earlier this year. With that said, don't be afraid to loose your HIIT skills while doing FB Strong!

Thanks for reading, and I wish you all a great day!