Mid back strain

Hi beautiful Blenders!

I postponed my program(day 15 of Strong) due to a Cold. By the way next time I'll postpone only 2 days. A week is too long for that, even though it was an active rest.

Anyways, I started back on Monday and I was so happy about it. Today I had a hiit upper body. I watched it last night and I loved it(couldn't wait to do it today).

But😣😥 during the first hiit cardio session, I hurt my mid back(ribs) while jumping.

I'm so frustrated that I have to again stop this.

I feel like I have to say goodbye to jumps for ever.

Anyways, i did some stretching and now I'm icing it.

Any suggestion?!

P.s. sorry for a negative post this morning. Go to Raven's beautiful picture after that to feel better😊😉💚

Take care guys💪🌺💚