Need advice.


So, it's a bit of a complex thing. I'm 24 now, and I used to weigh around 75kg (165lbs) for a few years (I'm 162cm). After a few personal situations, I fell into a pattern of not eating almost anything and ended up with an eating disorder that I didn't realize I had at the time. Over 2 years later, I lost almost 20kg (44lbs) through lack of food and obsessive work out. Long story short, I've improved a lot more, I eat healthier (although I still count calories and carbs in everything, even an apple), and I work out with fitness blender. In my weekends I choose to indulge and I manage to do it without the feeling that I have to purge or work out until all the calories are burnt, and I've begun working out with fitness blender for on and off a few months, but since October I've built myself a routine of working out 40 minutes a day, 5 days a week. However, although I've become musclier than I ever was, and flexible, I don't seem able to tone up at all,there is a lot of loose skin due to my extreme weight loss and some remaining fat, so I'm wondering if I've been doing it right. I combine 1 yoga session in the morning, with 2 low impact cardios(burns around 300 calories) that add up to 40 minutes in the afternoon, and I switch out with one day of morning yoga session and almost 50 minutes strength training(also around 300-350 calories I think) in the afternoon. Each day is different like that. I don't feel like my body is strong enough to try out HIIT, and for whatever reason I feel insecure about it. My question, finally, is this: is what I'm doing enough to make me fit and toned? I would like to know what I am doing wrong, what I should change, if needed, and so on. I don't own any equipment so I'm a bit restricted with what work outs I can do.