FB Strong: shock to the system!

Thought I'd share some thoughts on FB Strong one day from completion as it was the most dramatic programme for me both in terms of experience and result.

I've done Sweat, Burn, Bored Easily, and 30 round 3 at least once, so I thought I knew my way around the FB programme. I was so wrong! When Kelli and Daniel say strength training, they mean it. I knew it was mostly strength training with a bit of cardio and HIIT, but I didn't expect that my body would have to adjust to that style of programme. I was a lot more tired than usual, at one point upper, lower and core had at least some soreness. I've had to pace myself and take it easy more than I usually would.

Having done it though, I think my arm muscles are more defined, in the right light I can definitely see abs now (vs, maybe I'm just being hopeful)! I'm really encouraged by that - although I workout because I enjoy it, I certainly have not discarded all vanity. I was very active when I was a teen and never saw anything like abs, I always thought I was not a person who would ever have them. Core workouts were my least favourite, now I'm really geared up for them - maybe one day I'll have abs in any light!

I'm currently tossing up whether to repeat Strong or go back to one of the other programs. I've been quite tired lately and I'm not sure if it's related or not to the change of pace with working out - I do seem to have these dips in energy every couple of weeks. I'd really like to do Strong again, I'm loving the results and the idea of being able to lift heavier soon, but I want to look after my body and not push it too far. Has anyone else felt a significant impact of switching from relatively cardio-heavy to strength or vice versa?