Really dumb question about the workout programs!


Hey guys how's everyone going? So I'm going to get the newest program out, but because it's a round 2 would I have to do the first round first? I do a lot of their videos that have those sorts of training so I'm not new to that so would I be ok to jump right into that program? Also what would anyone recommend pairing that with one? I'm thinking the program that's for mainly arms (I have forgotten what it's called!) I was thinking the abs one but I was reading and I think it's a lot of cardio so would that be clashing with the new program? I don't want to over train :) also the workouts in the new program are they all new videos like never seen before? If not are they on their YouTube so I can see what I'm getting myself into hahaha has anyone been doing the new program and could tell me how it is? Xx