Storytime: starting two new programs + managing stress of university


I intended to start another round of FB Mass, but I decided on a more focused program for upper and lower body. Excited to start Flex and BootyR2; I've been doing some yoga/Pilates in the days leading up as I want to be more connected with my body and really concentrate on form more closely going forward.

I have found, with lower body, that what I am able to lift seems to prevent a mind/body connection and I don't like that. So, I am going lighter to begin and really get my form tight and range of motion maxed out before building up. The Segars have talked about this for awhile and even though I'm not necessarily struggling to lift, I do want to be more connected and better with breathing, as well.

I often have dismissed the flexibility and low impact routines as necessary, FOR MYSELF, but I've learned that they are SO helpful. My goals now extend beyond building strength and muscle to building a connection between mind and body, period. The non-strength routines are AS IMPORTANT as HIIT and strength.

The last couple of week have been a struggle since uni has started up again and I have a research project I'm working on that causes me stress, and is always on my mind. I refuse to give up my exercising, though, so building the mind/body connection through flexibility and low impact routines has given me some mental peace and strength.

Cheers to an amazing four weeks to come! Tomorrow is Day 1 :)