Help with adjustments for low weights with lower body routines pls


Due to living in an overpriced small country, buying any of the Powerblock sets is out (they're at least double the standard price, and I simply can't afford them at that amount). Therefore a problem I seem to be running into is that I may be lifting too light when it comes to certain exercises (deadlifts being a prime example). The maximum weight I have, per hand, is 12lbs (5.4Kg). So how do I adapt a routine to work around this? I know I can lift heavier/longer, and my form is pretty clean, so should I extend the sets to include more reps (if so, by how much?), or keep the no. of reps the same but increase the sets (again, if so, by how many?)

My aim is to build build healthy muscle tone without going too extreme, and burn fat in the everlasting hope of getting rid of my jiggly thighs and ass. At the same time, I tend to show muscle quick easily and don't want to bulk my quads up at all - my teardrop muscle tends to develop very quickly due to slight knee valgus even when I make sure to distribute my weight correctly.

I'm halfway through FBBurn Round 1, and thinking of either FBSweat or FBFlex paired with FBBooty next.

But I have no chance of having the weights to come anywhere near what Kelli lists as her examples in the videos for the lower body workouts (even her low end is way heavier that what I have access to), so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated please!

Thanks :D