Starting FB Burn Round 2!


Hey FB Fam! I started my first day of FB Burn Round 2 yesterday, and looking forward to a new start! I've been kind of lax with my workout routine and diet, feeling a little discouraged and sluggish. Eating clean has been a challenge, but my husband and I are paying off debt and we have decided to sacrifice eating out, which has helped a lot to make better food choices at the grocery store! More fruits and veg, lean proteins and healthy carbs and fats make most of our diet now. A few healthy snacks here and there to help boost my energy throughout the day. I used to think I could out-exercise my poor food decisions but it has left me with low energy levels and low self-esteem when I can't show up fully to workouts I know I can do when I feel good.

Hopefully over the course of this program I will start to feel a lot better, I am going in with the intention of healing my gut and toning my muscles. Not pushing for weight loss, but hoping to gain more gut health and strength. Maybe that might manifest in some fat loss as well but honestly I just want to feel good again! I am trying to stay present in my workouts and listening to my body, taking it one exercise at a time, instead of focusing on what I lack! Here's to a more balanced diet paired with a smart exercise plan.