How to know when you're overstretching?

Hi, so I'm new to FitnessBlender. I have a tendency to overexercise and overstretch to the point where I injure myself and pull muscles. That's part of why I've started their programs, because I feel like I need some guidance to know how to not push myself too hard.

I loved their video on how to know if you're overexercising or underexercising (https://www.fitnessblender.com/articles/how-to-listen-to-your-body-during-a-workout-when-to-stop-and-when-to-keep-pushing).

I was wondering if there's an equivalent for stretching, or if someone could let me know how to tell if I'm overstretching? I can't seem to tell until it's too late and I've pulled a muscle, but then I'm out of commission for that muscle for several weeks. I just did this with my right hamstring (for the second time) and I'd really like some guidance to stop it from happening again. I'm so grateful that FB is teaching me how to exercise without pushing my body too hard, I just would like some more guidance on stretching as well.

Thanks so much!