Overtraining / What to do next


I'm gonna end with FB30 R1 program next week and I was wondering what to do next.

I practice Pole Dancing twice days a week and when I had an upper body session / abs session that morning, I couldn't do figures properly, so I thought "As I finish with the program, I have to apport some edits".

So... I have an history of eating disorder and compulsive activity and I feel like I have to block this thing.

My main concerns is: Is FBXT a good idea, paired with some yoga for flexibility, or should I go for targeting a specific area (upper body, abs), always along with yoga? I fear I will lose the strength in other areas gained these 8 weeks which I'm very proud of...

Any advice is welcomed!

I'm so grateful for having discovered Fitness Blender, it changed a lot in my behaviours towards physical activity (now I can say: I ENJOY IT!) and the community here is lovely!

Have a nice day!