Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Kelli and Daniel for reigniting my love for fitness! I have been going to a gym religiously for 2 years, but between grad school and being a full time employee, I was getting really tired of trying to come up with my own workouts. I always ended up doing 30 minutes of a cardio machine followed by legs. I was neglecting the rest of my body and I was becoming bored. I decided that, since for the better part of next year I won't be working due to school, I wanted to attempt to workout at home. This would get rid of my costly gym membership and I would also be able to take my workouts with me while traveling (also for school).

I was worried that I would not be able to stick to a routine, but the calendar function takes all the guesswork out and I love not being responsible for creating my own workouts. I have always had a weaker upper body but after 3 weeks feel stronger and notice I don't tire out in workouts anymore. I have been combining HIIT and cardio kickboxing with a variety of strength workouts and I love how I am never bored.

I look forward to working out, I LOVE marking my day complete, and I LOVE reading the articles about intuitive eating.

Focusing on good form and fun workouts has really changed my entire mindset and I feel totally confident in my decision to quit the gym and make FB my main workout!