Is HIIT and strength enough?

Hi all 👋🏻

I've been using FB for a few months but really seriously since June but am a newbie on the forums. I've really enjoyed reading posts over the past few weeks and seeing how supportive and knowledgeable everyone is. Hoping I can contribute once I get into this more!

So, my weight has been up and down over the past ten years or so I'd say. I put weight on, diet, hit the treadmill, lose it, stop the diet and the treadmill and put it back on again with a bit extra for good measure. I've also recognised I'm an emotional eater - bored, eat. Sad, eat. Stressed at work, eat etc. So, I'm trying to tackle the eating issue, making better choices, drinking more water in addition to FB workouts.

Part of the reason I always fell off the excercise wagon before was because I hate steady cardio, I get so bored on the machines in the gym. I tried running outside but the area I live in isn't the best for going out alone in the evening so I couldn't wear headphones and I just didn't like it. I love strength training workouts on here, even though I'm not lifting particularly heavy atm I've went up a few lbs in my weights and I'm noticing changes in my strength so I'm committed to keeping it up and progressing. I'm doing 2x lower body strength, 2x upper, 2x HIIT, 1x abs or total body and pilates/stretching per week. I'm going to try the free programmes over the next few weeks also with a view to purchasing some in time. My question is, does this seem enough? I'm conditioned to thinking I need to be on a treadmill for 2 hours 7 nights a week after only eating lettuce all day (lol) and I guess I'm just worried I'm not doing as much as I should? Does my workout structure look OK and is there anything you could suggest which might make it better/more productive/more rounded? I'm using this for weight loss but also better health.

I hope I haven't rambled on too much!! Thanks