Fitting Program Into 3 Days a Week Schedule



I'm new to FB and generally new to exercise. I'm interested in starting a program that is comprehensive; one that has full body strength training and that can be started with little experience. I was looking at something like FB30 or some other general program, but the problem I'm facing is that most programs are over 3 days a week and I can't do any more than that most weeks. I did see that there are some programs with 3 days a week, but based on their descriptions those didn't seem right for me and what I'm looking to accomplish.

Is it possible to adjust one of the 5 day a week programs and stretch it out into 3 days? Would I have to do any customization or tweaking, manually? I've never done a program so I don't know how the calendar system works. Any advice would be super helpful!

Thanks very much.