What next? Finished low impact.

Hey guys! I am heading into my 8th week of exercise, I started with the 4 week low impact program and am just now finishing it for a second time. (yay!) Honestly I didn't think I could stick with it when I began. I have an 8 month old baby and still am carrying quite a bit of pregnancy weight.. On top of weight gained before pregnancy as well, as I hadn't been following any sort of exercise routine prior to baby either. It has been ridiculously challenging going from nothing to working out five days a week, and also hard to set aside time for it when baby is always on the move. But I've gotta stay with it! I was thinking of just assembling my own workouts but I'm afraid without a program and rigid schedule it'll be so easy to let my workout routine slide. So what would you recommend next? Are the other programs quite a big jump up in terms of difficulty to the low impact program?