Finishing FBFit R2 end of next week and need to focus on fat loss next!

Finally I've completed FBFit in its entirety without missing a workout besides most of the extra credit challenges, and sometimes the extra stretch day. Super proud of myself, even though the results are visually minimal at this point. I know I've gained some muscle in the past 6 weeks so I'm excited about that, but I think for my next program I want to amp up the cardio and focus on fat loss as the primary objective. I have a bridesmaids dress on order arriving April and I'm a bit worried about the fit as I never actually tried this dress on, only the other bridesmaid did...

I currently have the Bored Easily program set to roll once FBfit is completed. Any thoughts on that one for level of cardio? I just purchased on Cyber Monday so I've never tried it! The other programs I have to choose from are:

FB30 R3

FB Abs

FB Burn R1

FB Sweat

FB Mass (won't wanna do this one right now)

FB Reach