Question about Un-flexiblity

I think I worded that correctly. I have NEVER been flexible. Never. In school I was never able to touch my toes. I could jog for 30 minutes at one point, but I was never flexible. Age hasn't helped me (I am 42). I am currently -18.5-18.75 depending on the side.

I am currently on day 3 of low impact, (wanted to start slow as I haven't done much of anything in 15 years... except chase children). Should I be thinking of getting something like yoga blocks to help me with getting into positions, given my challenges? Should I add flexibility program to my routine ASAP to help with some of this? Being unflexible makes exercising challenging. I am not overweight, I had to gain recently (only about 5 lbs but I don't like getting yelled at by doctors so I did it) as I was under weight, but this is something I really want to work on.

Thank you for the help!