What program should I do??

I have been working out with Fitness Blender since 2011, or the moment in my life where I realized I was in a state of worsening shape and weighed the most I ever have in my life. I started using the workout program because (like now) I would spend more time perusing through the plethora of videos available and have to try and guess what I should do each night.

While I have purchased multiples of them, I have yet to ever begin one and work straight through uninterrupted to completion!

That being said, I now am back where I started after about 3-4 years of inconsistency, distraction and life interfering with maintaining a dedicated workout regime. I work full time at Amazon as a PIT operator since Oct and spend my day mainly standing, driving around either picking or stowing merchandise in the bins. While it seems this would be great exercise, my back and legs are tight and achy at the end of the day so it's hard to be motivated to workout when I get home at 7pm.

Long story short... the program for busy people hardly seems challenging enough. The 8 week ones are too lengthy and don't pack enough punch in the time used. I need to burn fat and want to build muscle/shape my booty and I while I want to tone my arms, I do not like lifting cause my arms are naturally bulky and thick and it makes it worse.

Suggestions please on which program you think would do the most for me??