Stress relief via plants 🌱

Hey how is everyone? I’ve had my head down in work & self care for a bit and haven’t been checking in with my workouts - but I’m definitely still showing up for them!

We have been working extra hard lately. The kind of work that is really exciting, so it makes you that special kind of tired by the end of the day. We’ve got some really, really cool stuff we’re working on. More on that to come...

Anyways… This post is about plants! I’m curious how many of you grow, garden, or have a general fascination with plants? It’s a great way to lighten stress a bit & you don’t have a have a green thumb in order to enjoy it! I really encourage you to be fearless and try it, if you haven’t already. I have about a dozen in the office and an unnamed but vastly larger number in our house 😅 I like learning about each of them and watching them change. We just planted our veggie garden for the year, too. There are actually studies out there that back the green thumb habit (especially outside, with your hands in the dirt) - really interesting.

So tell me, any other plant nerds out there? Indoors or outdoors? What do you like to grow?