Daily Check-in: Saturday, May 18th & Sunday, May 19th


No checkim at the usual time always has me wondering as I'm sure I'm not alone in that feeling. Not sure what's going on or if I missed something, but really Kim, I hope you are OK. If it's nothing but busy, that's totally fine and I can cover the weekend check-in for you if that's alright. Apologize in advance if I jumped the gun! I waited until noonish time here just in case you'd get around to it. Works for me if you still do one!

...Ok, so guys, this is a quick and abrupt substitute check-in post to keep it going and have everyone share the weekend game plan. What's on your agenda regarding fun, workouts, and food? Or maybe there is well deserved rest or possibly some catch up work you gotta do? Whatever the plan may be, I hope you find time for yourself to just breathe and take 5 or so minutes for yourself. Life can get so busy and get away from us, so we always need to remember to take that breather.

..And since I got my usual errands done early, I have a plan to make some home made beer! Its been a while, but I just bought some different kind of hopped malt syrups and now I want to brew up a batch! Me and my dad always have a fun time doing this so I look forward to that activity very much! There's something special about making something yourself that is so rewarding! ..Workout wise I will be resting my poor legs; Callie's little big challenge torched my butt and thighs. Walking is a struggle, so I need the weekend to recover from all that, "fun"😂 If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, check her post here: https://www.fitnessblender.com/community/discussion/12719/want-a-tough-lower-body-workout

On the food front, I haven't given it much thought🙈 ..It's going to be a hotter day so at some point I'm going to hit that banana nicecream! That sounds real good and all I got for now. Maybe you all have some kind of food you are looking forward to? Share all the goodies!

Alright, FB Fam, go out, be safe and have a super great weekend! And Kim, hope you, #husbandofkim, your furry trainers and chickens are ok whatever is going on! Please check in here or have one of your own as soon as conveniently possible for you!

PS: The pic I threw up right quick for you guys is a magnolia flower that I saw blooming the other day. They are quite fragrant, huge, and sooooo pretty! So that's a little snap shot from my part of the world.

Ok, that's all for now!