Want a tough lower body workout?


Then try doing all the 5 minute lower body workouts together!

I had this idea sometime last year, but then with doing programs and such I forgot about it. Until today!

I guess something about the “5 minutes” makes it not seem so bad in your head, but WOW! Those little routines add up and kick your butt!🥵 I can’t tell you how many squats in general I did, but squat holds and pulses!?! Shoosh, there were a lot! Plus, I used ankle weights and dumbbells for a lot of the exercises. Haha - once I forgot to take my ankle weights off, and I got up and started doing jump squats! It was mid/later in the routine, so my legs were pretty tired and I didn’t get very high.😂

If you’d like to see them all, you can do the lower body filter and then “sort” shortest first. I saved the lower body warmup, and then I sorted them by oldest first, and added them to my calendar in order from oldest to newest. I liked how it worked out, because it did most of the Pilates stuff first and then the more strength/hiit routines.

Needless to say, I was dripping in sweat and my muscles were shaking! It was surprisingly tough! It seems like it’s usually those routines you underestimate that come back and bite you!

So, if you want a fun (“fun” haha) and brutal little challenge... uh, I mean, big challenge... then try doing all of the 5 minute leg routines together!👍🏻😁

(Oh, and don’t forget a cool down! You’re going to want it by the end!😉😄)

Goodnight, fam!💙😴